Article summarises collective work in EC STEER project

  • STEER: Exploring the dynamic relationship between social information and networked media through experimentation
    (by Sylvie Dijkstra, Omar Niamut, Nikolaos Efthymiopoulos, Spyros Denazis, Nicholas Race, Mu Mu and Jacco Taal

    With the growing popularity of social networks, online video services and smart phones, the traditional content consumers are becoming the editors and broadcasters of their own stories. Within the EU FP7 project STEER, project partners have developed a novel system of new algorithms and toolsets that extract and analyse social informatics generated by social networks. Combined with advanced networking technologies, the platform creates services that offer more personalized and accurate content discovery and retrieval services. The STEER system has been deployed in multiple geographical locations during live social events such as the 2014 Winter Olympics. Our use case experiments demonstrate the feasibility and efficiency of the underlying technologies.

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