Associate Editor of Springer Multimedia Systems

I am thrilled to join the editorial board of Springer Multimedia System journal. Since 1993, Multimedia Systems has been a leading journal in the field covering enduring topics related to multimedia computing, AI, human factors, communication, and applications. The world of multimedia and computing is constantly evolving. I am really looking forward to working with other editors, reviewers, and authors to get the best research and engineering papers to our readers as quickly as we could while maintaining a high publishing standard.

Multimedia Systems

ISSN: 0942-4962 (Print) 1432-1882 (Online)


This journal details innovative research ideas, emerging technologies, state-of-the-art methods and tools in all aspects of multimedia computing, communication, storage, and applications. It features theoretical, experimental, and survey articles.

Coverage in Multimedia Systems includes:

  • Integration of digital video and audio capabilities in computer systems
  • Multimedia information encoding and data interchange formats
  • Operating system mechanisms for digital multimedia
  • Digital video and audio networking and communication
  • Storage models and structures
  • Methodologies, paradigms, tools, and software architectures for supporting multimedia applications
  • Multimedia applications and application program interfaces, and multimedia end system architectures.

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