SDCN visits BBC R&D

SDCN: Software Defined Cognitive Networking

[Author: Mu]

It has been a great visit to the BBC R&D South Lab in London. The main purpose of the trip is to discuss potential collaborations and an MSc student project on immersive TV with Rajiv (thank you for inviting us!) off the back of our success in ACM TVX 2017. I gave a talk on the modelling of human perception in media synchronisation and (shamelessly) inserted a quick intro of SDCN project at the beginning of my talk (like that kind of YouTube advert which you can’t skip 🙂 ). In fact, media sync and SDCN are two great examples of how multimedia research and communication network research complement each other.


I also sampled some very interesting VR demos arranged by Vino and her VR team. We exchanged some thoughts on future directions on VR particularly in the context of TV broadcasting.


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