“Disruptive” VR art? A quick update

Lovely sunset view from Lowry

Our visited to the TVX 2019 has been a tremendous success. Murtada and Alison’s lightning talks were well received and we managed to have two demos in the BBC Quay House on the last day.

Alison’s VR painting demo had a great start then took an interesting turn and became a community art creation exercise. Audience with different background built on each other’s creations and the artwork just kept growing in multiple dimensions (no canvas to limit you and no one is afraid of making “digital mess”). This has really inspired us to look into collaborative VR art more closely.

Alison’s VR Painting demo (trust me, i tried tidying the desk)

Murtada’s gaze-controlled game has seen a lot of visitors who “always wanted to do something with eye-tracking in VR”. We are already working on the third version of the game. We have changed the strategy from “building a research tool that contains games elements” to “building a professional VR game with research tool integrated”. The game will also be part of a use case for our Intelligent Networks experiments.

Murtada’s gaze-control game demo

Immediately after TVX, we also organised a workshop at Merged Futures event on our campus. Our audience are mainly SMEs and educators from Northants and nearby counties.

VR arts and education workshop at Merged Futures 2019, UON

Slides from the workshop:

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